Vanangaan: Suriya and Bala’s upcoming Tamil film with Mamitha Baiju and Arun Vijay

Vanangaan is an upcoming Tamil language action drama film. It will be written and directed by Bala. The movie will star Mamitha Baiju and Arun Vijay. It will also have a Telugu version titled Achaludu.

Suriya’s upcoming film with director Bala

When the announcement of director Bala and actor Suriya reuniting in a new film was made earlier this year, excitement was high. The two had worked together in the past on films like Nandha (2001) and Pithamagan (2013).

Suriya and Bala have teamed up for a new film, tentatively titled Vanangaan. Besides Suriya, the film also features Mamitha Baiju and Krithi Shetty as the leads. Its music is produced by GV Prakash.

There are some rumours circulating that Vanangaan is being shelved. But director Bala has dismissed these claims. He says that the film is still in production and will have another hero in its stead. However, he has also confirmed that Suriya has opted out of the film.

On a positive note, the director and star have reunited after nearly 20 years. After all, they had teamed up in a cult classic, Nandha. Now, fans cannot wait to see how their collaboration will pay off.

Arun Vijay to play Suriya

The buzz in the Tamil film industry is that Arun Vijay is slated to take over the role of Suriya in director Bala’s upcoming Vanangaan. It’s been rumored that the upcoming movie will feature a speech and hearing impaired lead character. This is the first time that the actor has taken on such a significant role in a Tamil movie.

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Suriya and Bala reunited for the project after a long absence. Though they were rumored to have parted ways, both parties have recently agreed on the matter. As a result, both will now begin shooting for the upcoming movie.

The upcoming film will feature a number of other stars. Malayalam superstar Mamitha Baiju will be a part of the cast, as will Krithi Shetty. In addition, the film will include a female lead.

Music composed by GV Prakash

A popular music director, GV Prakash, has been busy composing for the upcoming movie, ‘Vanangaan’. The movie will be released in all theaters across India. GVP has recently shared an update on his work on the film.

GV Prakash has been known to compose music for Tamil and Telugu films. He has won several accolades for his composition. His works include the songs for ‘Vaadivaasal’ and ‘Soorarai Pottru’.

The music director has also collaborated with the director Bala on a couple of films. Prakash has been working on the background score of Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru in 2016.

GV Prakash was nominated for Best Music Director at the Filmfare Awards South in 2014. After a successful stint in Tamil cinema, he has now returned to acting with Trisha Illana Nayanthara in 2015. He also composed for the film.

Cinematography and editing handled by Satish Surya

One of the best ways to a get a thrill out of a movie is to go to the theater, where a good time is always a good time. Luckily, there are quite a few in town to choose from. One of these is Vanangaan, a film that promises a good old fashioned romp through the town. And the good news is, you can see the lion’s share of it for the low, low price of free. Of course, this does come at the expense of having to wait for the film to arrive at your door, or at least, that is assuming your local cinema is up for the challenge.

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In short, Vanangaan is a good film that delivers a few high points, one of which is the cinematography. The film, which was filmed in Hyderabad, is a worthy addition to the region’s growing slate of films. The cast includes Suriya, Rakul Preet Singh and Sai Kumar, and is accompanied by a slew of cameos from other stalwarts from the Telugu film industry. This is a film that is a must see for fans of the genre.

Release date

If you are a fan of Suriya, you may have been waiting for his next release. This actor is considered to be a global superstar. It’s believed that he’s going to give an award-winning performance.

In the past, Suriya and Bala had worked together in Pithamagan (2003) and Nandha (2001). They have now come back together in Vanangaan.

After two decades, the two legends are now working together again. The film is supposed to be a huge blockbuster.

Aside from Suriya, the cast of the movie includes Krithi Shetty and Mamitha Baiju. The plot of the film revolves around a man who is battling for his nation.

The movie is set to hit cinemas in March 2023. As of now, it is yet to be released in Tamil language. Nevertheless, it is expected to get digital release soon.

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