National Treasure: Edge of History – A New Adventure with a Young Heroine and an Enchanting Cast

Whether you’re a die-hard history buff or not, you’ll be captivated by the new Netflix series, National Treasure: Edge of History. In this story, a young woman, Jess, searches for answers about her family history. When she uncovers a secret treasure, she sets out on an adventure to save it.

Lisette Olivera

During San Diego Comic-Con, Disney released the first look at National Treasure: Edge of History, which is a Disney Plus series based on the popular films. This new series stars Lisette Olivera as the new leading lady.

The series follows Jess, a 20-year-old Mexican-American DREAMer, who sets out on an adventure of a lifetime to find and recover a lost Pan-American treasure. Along the way, she unearths shocking secrets about her family’s past.

The cast of National Treasure: Edge of History includes newcomers, a few alums, and several familiar faces. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jake Austin Walker, Lyndon Smith, and Justin Bartha all appear in the series.

Olivera is taking over the role of treasure hunter from Nicolas Cage. She is excited about her role in the series. She spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her character and what fans can expect.

In addition to Olivera, National Treasure: Edge of History will feature several familiar faces. Justin Bartha returns as Riley Poole, an old friend of Nicholas Cage’s. Lyndon Smith will appear as FBI Agent Ross. Olivera’s character Jess Valenzuela is similar to Ben Gates in puzzle box history nerdiness.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

During the D23 Expo in Los Angeles, Catherine Zeta-Jones unveiled a trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series, National Treasure: Edge of History. The trailer features a snippet of the famous musical theme from the movies, and features an ensemble cast.

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The series will follow young DREAMer Jess Morales, who’s working to discover the truth about her family. Her quest leads her to discover the lost Pan American treasure, which holds the answers to her biggest questions. In the meantime, she’s dealing with the challenges of living in a new country.

The series will feature a young cast of franchise staples and newcomers. Justin Bartha, who played Riley Poole in the first two films, will reprise his role. Other cast members include Jordan Rodrigues, Lyndon Smith, and Antonio Cipriano.

The series will also feature a surprisingly large cast of newcomers. Some of the newer names include Lisette Alexis, Breeda Wool, and Zuri Reed.

The National Treasure series is based on the hit movies of the same name. The films feature a group of DREAMers attempting to discover their family history. They face competition from a black market antiquities dealer named Billie Pearce.

Justin Bartha

Despite the lack of Nicolas Cage in the cast, National Treasure: Edge of History looks like it will offer a lot of fun globe-trotting treasure hunts. It’s also an opportunity for fans to see the same cast they loved in the films.

National Treasure: Edge of History follows a young heroine named Jess. She’s a DREAMer who tries to save a Pan-American treasure. It’s a family story that remains in the spirit of the National Treasure films.

Jess’s story isn’t as mysterious as the films’, but it’s still a story that follows the same premise. She is a resourceful and brilliant young Latina-American DREAMer, and she’s embarked on a quest to save the treasure.

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She’s accompanied by a number of people on the quest, including best friend Tasha, potential love interest Ethan, and conspiratorial-minded Oren. And there’s also a “badass” billionaire named Billie who’s interested in the treasure.

The National Treasure films starred Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, and Helen Mirren. The series also featured an original character, Ben Gates. Ben Gates is a cryptologist and treasure hunter. He’s also Nic Cage’s sidekick.

Lyndon Smith

During San Diego Comic Con, Disney released a trailer for its upcoming TV series, National Treasure: Edge of History. The trailer features familiar faces from the National Treasure film franchise, including Lisette Olivera, Jake Austin Walker, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The series is produced by ABC Signature for Disney+ and will feature an expanded cast of characters. Lisette Olivera plays the series’ lead, Jess. She is a brilliant DREAMer who sets out on an adventure to recover a lost Pan-American treasure.

“National Treasure: Edge of History” is a follow-up to the popular National Treasure films starring Nicolas Cage. It will feature a new generation of treasure hunters. It follows the same concept as the films.

The series will be executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Jon Turteltaub, and will be directed by Mira Nair. It is expected to premiere on Disney+ in December.

The show will also feature guest stars, including Harvey Keitel. In the series, Jess enlists the help of her friends and family in order to discover the mystery of her family’s hidden treasure.

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