Bommai Nayagi: An Upcoming Tamil Film Produced by Pa Ranjith and Directed by Shanu

The upcoming movie Bommai Nayagi is one of the most anticipated movies that are currently on the market. This movie is directed by Shanu and is going to hit the screens soon. It is also produced by Pa Ranjith.

Produced by Pa Ranjith

Pa Ranjith is an Indian filmmaker known for his socially relevant films. He focuses on topics related to caste, gender and discrimination. His latest release is Kaala (2016), which starred superstar Rajinikanth. This is the first film of his to be released in Hindi.

Pa Ranjith also has a number of projects in the works. His next film, Natchathiram Nagargiradhu, has been scheduled for a July release. Several actors will be playing the lead roles in this movie. Other stars include Vinoth, Hari Krishnan, Dushara Vijayan and Kalidas Jayaram.

Neelam Productions, the production banner of Ranjith, is currently in the process of making five films. One is a documentary called Chaityabhumi. Another one is a TV series. The latter will focus on the political aspects of hate and discrimination.

Pa Ranjith has been working on a project on the life of 19th-century tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda. While the cast of the movie is not finalized, the director’s regular collaborators have joined the team.

Directed by Shanu

If you are a fan of cinema you probably are already aware of the upcoming Bommai Nayagi. The movie is based on a number of real-life events from across Tamil Nadu. It will also be the director’s debut.

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Bommai Nayagi is a good example of a social drama. It will revolve around the bond between a father and daughter. At the same time, it will highlight the need for child protection in India. Interestingly, it also shows a father’s journey for justice. In addition, it will be the first Tamil film to receive UA’s coveted certificate.

Fortunately, the movie is not overly long. In fact, the director’s visionary has taken it upon himself to provide the satellite rights to a TV channel. He also enlisted the help of Sithan Jayamoorthy to create action sequences that will bring the movie to life.

While the name may not have the buzz around it, the movie will be well received by the masses. Indeed, the film is set to be released in all theatres in India on November 18.

Starring Subhatra

Bommai Nayagi, the movie is an upcoming Tamil film with a story that revolves around a father and his daughter. It also has a touch of the supernatural thrown into the mix.

The film is directed by Shan and is a multi-faceted social drama based on several real-life events from across Tamil Nadu. Although the film hasn’t yet been officially revealed, the studio has shared a glimpse of the production on social media.

There are several other notable actors starring in the film, including GM Kumar, Subhadra and Yogi Babu. In fact, this is the first time that these three stars are coming together in a single project. SS Stanley plays an important role in the movie, as well.

In terms of film making, the makers haven’t released the official synopsis, but rumor has it that the movie is a remake of a Gujarati film of the same name. Also, the title Bommai Nayagi is a play on the name of the deity of the same name, but a fictional one.

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Release date

This movie is a story about father and daughter relationship. It is set in Cuddalore and features young Srimathi in a lead role. The film is directed by Shan and produced by Pa Ranjith. Yogi Babu and GM Kumar also play key roles in the movie.

The music of the film is composed by Sundaramoorthy. The film is slated for release on February 3 of next year. The film will also be released in multiple languages. Bommai Nayagi is a touching story that revolves around the relationship between a father and a daughter.

Bommai Nayagi is the directorial debut of Shan. Athisayaraj is the cinematographer of the movie. RK Selva is the editor of the film. In addition to the music, the lyrics of the film have been written by Logan.

It is a musical drama movie. It is produced by Yaazhi Films and Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions. The movie has received UA certificate. You can watch it on the Zee Network.

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